Terms and conditions private Schiphol service

Our Schiphol rates are on average 30% below the actual ride price to or from Schiphol Airport. To make this possible, a number of terms and rules apply.

The conditions

Make reservations on time

1] Rates are based on a single trip and provided 24 hours before departure with us and confirmed.

Do not calculate your retrieval time from home, we reserve the right to customize your time schedule.

If you are late to book in advance, please inform us of the availability and price of that moment. We may still offer you our service at another modified rate.


2] We assume 1 piece of luggage per person (+ hand luggage), we also charge a “trolley” as luggage

If you are traveling with less than 5 people, but your luggage will consist of more (golf bags, folding wheelchair etc) than would fit in a normal taxi, you must indicate this in advance and the minibus tariff will be charged to you.

User Combinations

3] If necessary, we can combine you with other Schipholservice users (we will use acceptable turnaround times of no more than 15 minutes, so do not make reservations in time). In case of a combination, our rates will remain unchanged.

Additional costs Pick-up service between 00:00 and 06:00

4] With only pick up from Schiphol between 00:00 and 06:00 we will charge € 10.00 extra in the cost

Multiple collection or destination addresses

5] When booking multiple pick up or destination addresses in Zaanstad, we will proceed to the nearest distance from the airport. Additional charge will be charged € 7.50 above the Schiphol tariff. For an extra collection or destination address in Amsterdam we charge a surcharge of € 25.00.

Please let us know after you have the full luggage in possession

6] If you only pick up or return a return ticket, we will ask you to turn on your mobile phone upon arrival at Schiphol Airport, but we will only inform you of your arrival after you have returned the full luggage. .

The reason for this is that if one or more pieces of your luggage have not arrived or are damaged, you must first report this at Schiphol Airport itself, which may result in unnecessary long waiting times. It is also necessary for us to always contact you, for example, where you will meet the driver.

No credit card payment with private Schiphol transport

7] The possibility of paying by credit card does not apply to the private Schiphol transport.

No mobile phone, no reservation Schiphol possible

8] If you do not own a mobile phone, you can not book a trip from Schiphol with us.

For your convenience

Arrivals and departures Schiphol airport

Payement by creditcard

As one of the few companies in the Zaan region we have made it possible for you to pay your taxi by creditcard with our mobile ATM’s. For using our mobile ATM’s there is an extra charge of € 3,00 on our special Airport rates. Usage of our ATM is for business related trips only!

Customer experiences

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